Case Studies

National Mass Merchant Activates Portable Media Devices
A national mass merchant retailer engaged SIRAS for UID tracking and return validation services to evaluate impact on returns and shrink. Results were compelling after only 4 months.
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Personal Audio Devices Manufacturer Achieves 1700% ROI Using SIRAS ReturnFlex™ and Reduces Counterfeit Returns by 90%
A manufacturer of popular audio devices was facing costly challenges in its retail network. Once its products were activated and tracked by SIRAS OmniTrace and ReturnFlex, the manufacturer gained on-demand visibility into its retailer network and effectively reduced their return rate. In the first five months of working with SIRAS, the manufacturer realized a 1700% return on investment.
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Fitness Products Manufacturer Achieves 1500% ROI Using SIRAS ReturnFlex to Stop Fraudulent Returns
After a new product launch at a major U.S. retailer lead to financial loss from fraudulent returns rather than gain from legitimate sales, the manufacturer and retailer engaged SIRAS to help serialize and track products, resulting quickly in a positive and profitable turnaround.
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