Founded in 1999, InComm Product Control is the pioneer in Electronic Product Registration (OmniTrace™) and a leading provider of patented and on-demand data services that enable retailers and manufacturers to realize their omnichannel strategies. Product track-and-trace services (OmniTrace) and our comprehensive return-validation methodology (ReturnFlex™) allow participating retailers and manufacturers to optimize their retail business operations and to improve the quality of customer interactions in stores, online, and through call centers. InComm Product Control helps clients improve customer satisfaction, protect and elevate their brands, track products, reduce returns and fraud, protect inventory, recover stolen products, identify counterfeit goods, validate warranties, and improve forward and reverse logistics operations. By tracking each product throughout its sales lifecycle by its unique identifier, rather than by customer data, InComm Product Control respects and preserves consumer anonymity. Retailers, manufacturers and consumers all benefit from InComm Product Control Omnichannel Solutions.

Our patented methods and technology support a variety of unique identifier (UID) formats including serial numbers, EPC and RFID. Originally developed to provide better return management control of video gaming systems for Nintendo of America Inc and its retailers, InComm Product Control technology now supports omnichannel and profitability strategies for more than 70 leading brands and protects a wide variety of products including computers, consumer electronics, home electronics and appliances, lawn & garden hardware, personal care devices, sporting goods, and many more product categories. We continue to expand into the new markets every year.

InComm Product Control supports communities across the U.S.A. and Canada by providing retailers and more than 5,000 local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies access to a secure online database, InComm Product Control Active Recovery Network. This network helps law enforcement, retailers and manufacturers work together to determine whether products discovered in their investigations may have been stolen or purchased with fraudulent tender.