Active Recovery Network

When it comes to resolving a case, making key connections and proving that a crime has occurred are vital. Active Recovery Network provides secure and easy access to product lifecycle history including manufacturer shipping and retailer transaction records. With SIRAS you can quickly discover from where a product was stolen or in what specific transaction at what specific store* fraudulent tender was used to purchase a SIRAS-tracked item found in the possession of the perpetrator.
*Store detail requires retailer approval


Active Recovery Network is a partnership for retailers, manufacturers, and law enforcement agencies to deter, identify and resolve retail crime. SIRAS developed and manages this program for authorized users as a public service charging no fees to law enforcement or government agencies for obtaining a log-in or for usage.


  • View complete product history from secure web or mobile app
  • Link suspicious products to specific retailer transactions
  • Recover products to their rightful owner


Easily accessible via a web or mobile application and requires a secure login. A voice response unit (VRU) telephone number is also available if preferred or if internet connectivity is not available.