Enhanced Services

Creating a more secure shopping experience at every level

Each of our enhanced services fine-tunes business operations and the customer experience for retailers and manufacturers, further streamlining and securing the tracking and return processes.

Omnitrace Logistics™

The earlier a product can be tracked, the better. With OmniTrace Logistics, shipping records are transmitted to our database to start tracking products at their origin prior to distribution. As products are tracked earlier, participating partners are able to access records, resolve shipment discrepancies, cases of counterfeit and theft, and determine the source of gray-market goods.

Record of Receipt

Shrink affects all retailers. Our Record of Receipt service provides a valuable monitoring and evidentiary solution to help reduce shrink by enabling retailers to scan and record items into a detailed database of new inventory as they are received, before any point-of-sale activity takes place.

This easily implemented solution gives retailers the ability to identify inventory discrepancies on high-value or high-loss products and take action immediately without any IT programming.

Dynamic Transaction Data

A product's lifecycle is always evolving, and InComm Product Control keeps you informed as it changes. While raw transaction data can be challenging to interpret and manage, our Dynamic Transaction Data simply aligns daily sales and returns data for every product at the serial number level at every store. We make interpreting the data simple by organizing and summarizing every transactional event in a product's lifecycle.

Use Dynamic Transaction Data to:

  • Create reports by serial number
  • Audit shipment shortage claims
  • Validate purchase records and warranty eligibility
  • Refine and enhance forecasting
  • Analyze marketing promotions and sales trends
  • Improve product quality through early analysis of sales and returns trends by serial number

Call Brief

InComm Product Control aims to streamline every step of the customer experience, including the call center. Our Call Brief services gives call center agents real-time access to product records via a secure InComm Product Control interface. This allows agents to make customer calls more effective and profitable by quickly verifying point-of-sale dates without receipt and calculating accurate warranty eligibility.

RTV Agent

The vendor-returns authorization and dispositioning of products can be a complicated process. With InComm Product Control's RTV Agent, retailers, manufacturers and their authorized return centers have a seamless solution for returns based on centrally maintained attributes.

Upon scanning an item into our web application or integrated solution, you can identify its origin, distribution channel and eligibility based on the terms and conditions agreed upon by the retailer and manufacturer, allowing partners to manage returns accurately and efficiently.

Business Intelligence

The unique data gathered by our core services is vast and can be extremely beneficial when looking for trends that can be used to improve product quality and increase sales. Our Business Intelligence service supplies users with a configurable dashboard that provides insight into product sales, consumer behavior and return patterns. This data is updated daily, giving you an unprecedented level of product detail at your fingerprints.

Other benefits include:

  • Access via a secure web application
  • Unique reports including industry metrics and exchange matrices
  • More effective forward/reverse logistics forecasting/replenishment and net-sales projections

Promotion Focus

Promotions are one of the more popular methods to drive foot traffic, sales and consumer engagement. Using our Promotion Focus service, you can determine the impact and success of each unique promotion. We track promotional events at the unique item level with greater precision, allowing for stronger partnerships and accurate refunds with promotional consideration.

Active Recovery Network

Dealing with retail crime is an unfortunate necessity for our partners. Our Active Recovery Network helps retailers, manufacturers and law enforcement deter, identify and resolve retail crime. This web-based investigative network allows users to research unique UPC and serial number combinations and corresponding transaction records to identify suspicious patterns or behavior. We developed this program for authorized users as a public service, charging no fees to law enforcement or government agencies for access.

The Active Recovery Network is made up of participating retailers, manufacturers and more than 5,000 law enforcement agencies of all levels. With our data, these groups have a greater ability to collaborate efforts, recover stolen property and help resolve cases like:

  • Shoplifting
  • Organized retail crime
  • Identity theft
  • Gift card fraud
  • Cargo theft
  • E-fencing

The foundation of our Core Services makes this suite of Enhanced Services possible.