Track products, not people

Point-of-sale solutions for authorizing sales and returns


The manner in which a company protects its inventory can have a drastic impact on its business operations and customer experience. InComm Product Control provides retailers and manufacturers product protection by tracking the complete lifecycle of a product by a unique fingerprint, typically the UPC and serial number, instead of customer data. Not only does this empower retailers and manufacturers to make smart and timely decisions, it also helps achieve greater customer satisfaction.


Better tracking, better results

InComm Product Control tracks products by unique fingerprint (UPC + serial number) throughout the product sales lifecycle, empowering retailers and manufacturers to limit losses from shrink and unwarranted returns and to grow net sales.

Loyalty through security

By improving the customer experience through better inventory tracking, retailers can drive loyalty and ensure repeat shopping.

Strengthening retail transactions

Our technology configures with existing point-of-sale systems, bringing clarity, automation and efficiency into the world of omnichannel retail.