Omnichannel Solutions. Cloud and web-based data solutions configured to retailer's hardware, software, channel organizations, and return policies to facilitate all consumer and RTV returns seamlessly from any channel. Extended Service Plans. Track ESPs seamlessly based on item UID, point-of-sale date, and manufacturer warranty to provide your customers with a positive and fraud-free post-sale experience. Returns Management. Reduce unwarranted returns and fraud with on-demand return validation to facilitate all consumer returns seamlessly, ensure consistent policy management across stores for fair and simple returns, and simplify the RTV process to reduce unnecessary costs and improve recovery value. ReturnFlex™. Ideal balance configured to restore satisfaction and profit for your customers, products, policies, and profitability.

InComm Product Control "IPC" (formerly SIRAS) provides cloud and web-based enterprise solutions and best-in-class data intelligence services to track, authenticate, and safeguard products, while promoting ethical business practices between our customers and partners, and upholding consumer anonymity.

InComm Product Control pioneered Electronic Product Registration (OmniTrace™) and comprehensive return-validation methodology (ReturnFlex™), which allow participating retailers and manufacturers to optimize their retail business operations, and to provide consumers with a seamless omnichannel experience. InComm Product Control helps clients protect and elevate their brands, track products, reduce returns and fraud, protect inventory, recover stolen products, identify counterfeit goods, validate warranties, and improve forward and reverse logistics operations. By tracking each product throughout its sales lifecycle by its unique fingerprint rather than by consumers' personal data, InComm Product Control respects and preserves anonymity. InComm Product Control provides valuable tools for its manufacturing, retailer, and law enforcement partners to optimize operations, resolve investigations, improve visibility, provide insights to enhance business intelligence and forecasting, and improve the consumer experience.