RTV Agent

RTV Agent offers retailers, manufacturers, and their authorized service providers a seamless solution to validate products for return eligibility and disposition based on centrally-maintained attributes.

The solution is configurable and scalable to track items by UID (UPC and Serial Number or other unique identifier) and can optionally be augmented by retailers integrating OmniTrace™ and ReturnFlex™ services at POS.

Users know upon scanning whether an item is eligible for credit based on terms and conditions between retailer and manufacturer. If not eligible for RTV credit, users can disposition the item for alternative recovery opportunity.

The service works in partnership between retailers and manufacturers; InComm Product Control hosts the centralized attribute management. This partnership allows parties a streamlined and effective solution to reduce costs in freight and employee training, delayed (or denied) credits, and other inefficiencies while supporting sustainability and economical processes.


Web service validates products for return by their UIDs based on terms and conditions established between retailer and vendor.


  • Reduce administrative and finance costs
  • Execute return agreements accurately and efficiently
  • Avoid unnecessary shipping costs for invalid returns
  • Advance ship notifications available


Requires retailer and manufacturer joint agreement and participation.

Configurable solution is accessible via a secure web application and requires a basic Internet-connection and secure log-in.